Synthesis and Characterization of FeP/Pt Nanocomposite as an Electrocatalyst for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER)
Paper ID : 1643-ICNS
Seyed Heydar Moravej1, Elham Akbarzadeh1, Davood Taherinia *2
1Sharif University of Technology
2Department of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Transition metal phosphides have drawn considerable attention as potential catalaysts for electrochemical evolution of hydrogen and oxygen. In this work, we present the synthesis and characterization of of FeP/Pt nanocomposite as a novel electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). The nanocomposite was prepared by a hydrothermal approach followed by a solid-state phosphidation at 300 °C. SEM and elemental mapping revealed that the synthesized FeP/Pt consists of coral-like FeP structures uniformly covered with Pt nanoparticles. The HER activity of the electrocatalyst was examined by linear sweep voltammetry. The FeP/Pt-modified glassy carbon electrode exhibited an overpotential of 326 mV (at a current density of −10 mA/cm2) and a Tafel slope of 128.3 mV/decade in acidic medium, while an overpotential of 390 mV (at a current density of −10 mA/cm2) and a Tafel slope of 157.1 mV/decade were obtained in alkaline medium
Electrocatalyst, Hydrogen evolution reaction, Nanocomposite, Linear sweep voltammetry, Tafel plot
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)