Prof. Reza Asgari

Head, School of Nano Science

Director, Condensed Matter National Laboratory

Faculty Member, School of Physics, IPM

Research Interests

He has been working on a number of problems in the challenging arena of quantum many-body physics, especially on two-dimensional materials namely graphene, transition metal dichalcogenide and phosphorose systems. He is interested in many-body physics by carrying out the physical quantities of many body problems and specially the transport properties of hybrid two-dimensional crystalline materials. Furthermore, cold dipolar atom gases have attracted a lot of his attention due to the novel anisotropic and long-range character of dipole-dipole interactions. He is also working on one- and two-dimensional dipolar Fermi gas systems and is interested in the phase diagrams in such systems.

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 Prof. Nima Taghavinia

Sharif University of Technology


Nanoparticles and Coatings Lab (NCL) was established in 2004 in Physics Department, and is one of the network labs of the Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The lab is headed by Prof. Nima Taghavinia. The target of the research in the lab is developing technologies for ink-based fabrication of solar cells. In particular we work on:

 ► Solution Processed CIGS and CZTS Solar Cells

 Developing inks and processes for efficient and scalable fabrication of CIGS and CZTS solar cells.

 ► Perovskite Solar Cells

 Materials and processes for stable and scalable perovskite solar cell fabrication.

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 Dr. Soodabeh Davaran

Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Dr Soodabeh Davaran is associate professor of Medicinal Chemistry in Faculty of Pharmacy in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.  She has got her MSc in Organic Chemistry in 1990 and her PhD in  Polymer Science in 1996 both from faculty of chemistry in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences-Iran.

Dr Davaran currently teaches Organic Chemistry, Polymer, Synthesis of Organic Chemistry and Medicinal chemistry (Drug Synthesis).  She is a member of Iran Chemical and Engineering Society.  She has been selected to be included in the first edition of "Who's Who in Plastics and Polymers", James P Harrington, Editor in chief, Society of Plastic Engineers, Technomic Publishing Company Inc, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Dr Davaran has gained First Rank of 9th Razi festival in Pharmacy (Basic Sciences Research), 2003; Dec, Tehran-Iran.  Also she has been selected amongst best researchers of Research Centers of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, December 2003 and of Drug Applied Research Center of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, December 2004.

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 Dr. Mehdi Neek-Amal

Shahid Rajaee University

Research Interests:

Condensed Matter

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 Dr. Mona Alibolandi

Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

 Assistant Professor of Medical Biotechnology, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center

 Research Interests

Targeted drug delivery

Controlled Release

Self-assemble structures

Hybrid Materials

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 Dr. Pezhman Sasanpour

Associate Professor

Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering Department,

Faculty of Medicine, Shahid Behesti University of Medical Sciences

Resident Researcher

School of Nanoscience, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)

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 Dr. Mandana Amiri

Associate Professor of chemistry, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili


Dr. Mandana Amiri received her PhD degree in 2007 from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. She was a visiting scientist at Marken group, University of Bath, UK, from 2006 to 2007 supported by British council. Her main area of research is nano-materials in electroanalysis and electrochemical energy conversion. At present, she is associate professor of chemistry at University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran. She is MRSC member and won Roger Taylor award in 2015 from British Carbon Group. Dr. Amiri got DAAD scholarship for a visit in University of Oldenburg in 2016 and Humboldt fellowship for research in university of Oldenburg In 2020. She is a co-author of 55+ research publications, +75 conference papers, wrote 1 book chapter and 5 reviews in subjects related to nanotechnology and electrochemical sensors.


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