Progressive Fabrication of Silver Dendritic Hierarchical Nanostructure (Ag-DHN): An Efficient and Robust Biocatalyst
Paper ID : 1619-ICNS
Saghar Rezaei *1, Amir Landarani-Isfahani2, majid moghadam2, Shahram Tangestaninejad2, Valiollah Mirkhani2, Iraj Mohamadpoor-Baltork2
1department of chemistry,University of Isfahan, Iran
2Department of Chemistry, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, 81746-73441, Iran
In this work, we are going to introduce a brilliant double enzyme microsystem prepared from co–immobilization of glucose oxidase (GOD) and glucoamylase (GA) on silver dendrites hierarchical (Ag–DHN) nanostructure. In this line, silver dendrites nanostructure was facilely synthesized using Raney nickel as the template and reducing agent at room temperature and ambient pressure. Then, glucose oxidase (GOD) and glucoamylase (GA) on Ag–DHN through multi-component reaction in water as green solvent. The success preparation of the unique biocatalyst system was confirmed by XRD, TEM, FE–SEM and BET analysis. The properties of free and immobilized enzymes were investigated and compared.
“Hierarchical nanostructure, Nanobiocatalyst, silver dendritic, Co-immobilization enzymes”
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)