Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-alumina/PVDF-HFP Composite Separator for Lithium-ion Batteries
Paper ID : 1488-ICNS
Mohammad Hadi Moghim *, Ashkan Nahvi Bayania Nahvi Bayani, Rahim Eqra
Institute of mechanics
In the current research, nano-alumina/PVDF-HFP composite separator with the 7/3 weight ratio was fabricated by a doctor blade casting method. Mechanical properties, electrochemical performance and morphology of this separator were also studied. Results show that easy twisting with no visible damages indicates good strength and high flexibility of the separator. Charge-discharge behavior of the fabricated separator demonstrates that assembled coin cell has approximately 40% capacity loss after 200 cycles. Homogeneous ceramic/polymer layers with fine interconnected pores are also observed on the SEM image. Other measurements are also present the separator high porosity (85%) and good air permeability (482 s).
Separator; Alumina; Lithium-ion Battery; PVDF-HFP
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)