Preparation of Nano semi-IPNs hydrogel and investigation of its release properties
Paper ID : 1453-ICNS
Negar Mohammadi *1, Farzaneh Alihosseini2
1Textile,isfahan university of technology,isfahan,iran
2Department of Textile Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, 8415683111, Iran
Using semi interpenetrating networks (Semi-IPNs) structure is one of most suggested methods to control drug release behavior of hydrogel. due to its condensed structure. This structure is prepared by combining a polymer network inside another polymer chains which result to the formation of a condensed hydrogel structure and decreases the burst drug release. In this investigation, we have used PCL to form a semi-IPNs structure to control phosphate-based hydrogel's release properties. Two hydrogels with semi-IPNs structure have prepared by combining a synthesis phosphate-based cationic hydrogel with Poly caprolactone as a second polymer including a double network hydrogel film and a double network hydrogel Nano fiber. Acid Blue 80 was added to the hydrogel system as anionic model to study and compare drug release behavior of hydrogel vs hydrogel semi IPNs system. Chemical and morphological structure of prepared nanofibers was studied by FT-IR spectroscopy and SEM microscopy respectively. In vitro drug release was measured in pH=10. The results showed that using Nano structure and semi-interpenetrating network structure together result in an excellent controlled release behavior compared to that of hydrogel film. These results introduced a new controlled drug system.
Phosphate-based hydrogel, Semi-IPNs structure, Nano fibers, Drug model, Release behavior
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)