Synthesis of a novel imine-linked covalent organic framework (I-COF) as a high efficient adsorbent for removal of the direct textile dye from wastewater and monitoring the dye removal based on smartphone colorimeter
Paper ID : 1385-ICNS
Mohaddeseh Afshari *1, Mohammadad Dinari2
1Organic chemistry, chemistry, Isfahan university of technology, Isfahan, Iran
2Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran
In this work, our strategy is based on the two main goals; firstly using the excellent properties of COFs as a superadsorbent for removal of textile dye and secondly developments of a portable and low-cost method for in situ determination of dye in the textile effluent. To gain the superadsorbent for DFS-4BS molecules, a porous N-riched triazine-based nano-needle was synthesized through a hydrothermal method. The synthesized I-COF was characterized by various analyzes, and its stability was examined under different temperatures and pH conditions. The adsorption capacity of the prepared I-COF is 8501 mg g-1 (850 wt. %) for removing DFS-4BS at 35 ℃ and an optimum pH of 2. Different adsorption and kinetic models were applied for the fitting of the obtained experimental data. It was found that the experimental data can be well fitted to the Langmuir model (R2: 0.991) and pseudo-second-order model (R2: 1). To construct a portable and highly sensitive device for in situ sensing of trace amounts of dye, the smart-phone colorimeter platform was developed using accessible equipment. The linear range and detection limit of the developed system for DFS-4BS determination was 0.25-70 mg. L-1 and 0.053 mg. L-1, respectively.
Imine-linked covalent organic framework (I-COF); Smart-phone colorimetric method; super dye adsorbent; direct fast scarlet 4BS; spectrophotometer
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)