Fabrication of kaolin/MnO2 composite and evaluation of the effect of time and initial concentration of methylene blue dye on its recovery and removal from aqueous solution
Paper ID : 1374-ICNS
Rauf Foroutan1, Reza Mohammadi2, Seyed Jamaleddin Peighambardoust *1
1Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Tabriz
2Polymer Research Laboratory, Department of Organic and Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry
Water pollution is one of the major problems of humanity since industrialization. Effluents of most industries discharge to water resources and endanger animal and human life. In the present study, kaolin/MnO2 composite was used to recover and remove MB cationic dye from aqueous solution and its properties and properties were investigated using FT-IR analysis. The results of FT-IR analysis showed that there are different functional groups in the structure of kaolin and kaolin / MnO2 such as -OH, Si-O-Si and Si-O-Al which can be effective in the adsorption process. The analysis also showed that MnO2 was successfully formed in the kaolin structure, which could improve the efficiency of the adsorption process as well as the adsorption capacity. The adsorption process of MB dye was studied batch using the above adsorbent and the effect of contact time and initial dye concentration were investigated. The results showed that with increasing contact time and initial dye concentration, the adsorption process efficiency increased and decreased, respectively.
kaolin; aqueous solution; methylene blue dye; FT-IR analysis
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)