Growth of Silver Oxynitrate Nanoparticles on Copper Hydroxide Nitrate Micro-Sheets by the Facile and Rapid Pin-to-Solution Plasma Electrolysis Method
Paper ID : 1335-ICNS
Saeed Ebrahimi *1, Masoud rezvanijalal1, Hossein Hojjati1, Javad rezvani jalal2
1Physics, Science, Malayer university, Malayer, Iran
2Electrical Engineering, Hamedan University of Technology, Hamedan, Iran
Interaction of plasmas and plasma-generated species with solutions which offers new electrolysis configurations with plasma electrodes (rather than metal electrodes in conventional electrolysis) has opened new and novel theoretical and experimental research areas. In this research, interaction of the air plasma generated in an atmospheric pressure pin-to-solution electrical discharge with aqueous solution of silver nitrate/copper nitrate mixture is experimentally investigated in the cathode-plasma electrolysis configuration. The supply voltage is increased gradually until a stable electrical discharge between the pin and the solution is formed. The results show that the interaction product is a black-brown powder. XRD and EDS analyses of the powder along with its FESEM images confirm that it is 'basic copper nitrate', Cu2(OH)3NO3, micro-plates covered with a thin layer of Ag7NO11 spherical nanoparticles in the diameter range of 25 nm. plasma electrolysis could produce nanometric layers of Ag7NO11 on the micrometric Cu2(OH)3NO3 sheets and, in other ways, it could color BCN sheets with black Ag7NO11 paint.
Plasma Electrolysis; Pin-to-solution discharge; Ag7NO11; Cu2(OH)3NO3
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)