Gas Sensing application of SiO2@MCM-41Core-Shell Nano-Structures in Detecting Ammonia
Paper ID : 1324-ICNS
Samaneh Esmaeili *1, Mohammad Ali Zanjanchi1, Hossein Golmojdeh1, Shahab Shariati2
1University of Guilan
2Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University
This study presents an effective and simple colorimetric probe for sensing ammonia in gas phase based on reaction of a sensitive dye loaded onto the silica based core–shell nano-structure. A core-shell nanostructure was designed and prepared via a sol-gel approach, and then a very simple impregnation method was employed to enrich it with a sensitive dye (Alizarin). Various analytical tools were used to characterize the structural and textural properties of prepared substrate which all of them proved the presence of a mesoporous system. A series of colorometric and spectroscopic experiments using diffuse reflectance spectroscope (DRS) were employed to investigate the extent of the changes in dye response. Certain concentrations of ammonia were released into a closed chamber with certain volume via evaporating ammonia solution on a hot plate. Also all responses were detectable with naked eye as long as the ammonia concentration in the air was more than 50 ppm.
Core-shell; Gas-Sensor; Photometric, MCM-41; Ammonia.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)