Modeling and Simulation of a Piezoelectric SMR Nanosensor by Timoshenko Beam Theory
Paper ID : 1319-ICNS
Golnoosh Aghamohammadi *, Manijeh Zakeri
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering/Tabriz University/Tabriz/Iran
For small-scales mass variation detection, sensors have been designed based on vibrating microcantilevers (MCs) with an embedded microchannel. Using these sensors, fluid parameters such as mass and density are calculated by measuring the frequency shifts of an MC vibration. In this research, the Timoshenko beam theory has been used to model the dynamic behavior of a piezoelectric nanosensor based on the suspended microchannel resonator (SMR). For this purpose, we have employed the distributed parameter model, which is based on Timoshenko theory which considers the effects of MC’s shear deformation and rotational inertia. The distributed parameter model has been extracted by using Hamilton’s principle and Galerkin approximation. For validating the model, the simulations results have been compared with experimental data presented in previous papers. By simulating and computing the natural frequencies of MC, the variation patterns of the natural frequency have been obtained for different fluids, and an equation for computing fluid density has been presented.
Timoshenko beam theory, SMR, Microcantilever, Piezoelectric, Microchannel
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)