band structures in nanoribbons of silicene and graphene
Paper ID : 1252-ICNS
Zeinab Rashidian *
In this paper we have calculated the band structures of nanoribbons of silicene and graphene with zigzag and armchair edges.
we computed band structure with the tight binding Hamiltonian with taking into account nearest neighbour. the results show that intrinsic silicene has band gaps in contrast with graphene. figures of zigzag have the common points rather than armchair. that is why silicene has buckled structure,while graphene is planar. in fact graphene with applying staggered potential changes to silicene. graphene have the same structure with silicene with the difference in sublattices. another our findings express that applying gate potential just shift the Fermi energy level. of course silicene and graphene have rashba spin orbit coupling. we ignore in this paper for simplicity. however it's value in graphene is very low but in silicene is considerable and in the next work we have included in our computations. it is worth mentioning that transition metal chalcogenides are the next generation after silicene and graphene.
zigzag,armchair,graphene,silicene,tight binding
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)