Pure Spin-valley Current and Seebeck Effect in a Silicene Nanoribbon
Paper ID : 1247-ICNS
Ferershte Ildarabadi *
Physics, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran
We study spin-valley dependent thermoelectric properties in the silicene nanoribbon. To this end, we propose a temperature gradient along the zigzag silicene nanoribbon and apply the exchange field, transverse, and perpendicular electric field for breaking spin-valley degeneracy and electron-hole symmetry to generate finite spin-valley currents. We find out exciting effects that can be appeared by tuning electric field, chemical potential, and temperature. Two important effects are significant spin-valley seebeck effect and pure spin-valley current. This finding in spintronics is a new way to quantum computing and encoding information.

Silicene is a promising candidate for utilizing in thermo spin-valleytronics based devices due to the large intrinsic spin-orbit coupling (SOC) which is originating from its buckled structure. To produce spin-valley polarized current in the system, it is necessary to break spin-valley symmetries. To this end, the peresence of SOC causes silicene to have favourable response to external fields and provides essential asymmetries. Other profits of silicene include interesting spin-valley dependent topological edge states like valley anomalous Hall effect, and more consistency with the silicone based electronic devices.
Spincaloritronics, Spin-valley Current, 2D Nanostructures, Seebeck Effect
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)