Study of Molybdenite (MoS2) based inhomogeneous ultrathin film sample through optical spectroscopy
Paper ID : 1245-ICNS
Mehdi Pakmehr *, Maral Fahandezh
Department of Physics, Shiraz University
Molybdenite (MoS2) known to be an indirect gap semiconductor in its bulk morphology with the value of 1.4 eV for effective gap. This material has been widely used as a dry lubricant in industrial applications in powder form. Recently, it has been found out that Molybdenite in ultrathin film format (2D morphology) has different physical properties than its bulk one. Molybdenite in 2D is a direct gap semiconductor in which quasi particles known as excitons playing an important role in the value for its effective gap to be approximately 1.9 eV. In this manuscripts our results on investigating MoS2 ultrathin film sample grown on sapphire substrate have been presented. For this purpose, we implemented optical characterization techniques including optical absorbance profile and FTIR spectroscopy. Our results confirm the nanosheet nature of the grown ultrathin film samples (several nm thick) as well as possible signature of detecting color defect centres within them. .
Molybdenite, ultrathin film sample; FTIR spectroscopy; colour centres.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures