Synthesis and Structural Evaluation of a Novel Magnetic Ionic Network Nanomaterial Comprising Multilayered Supported Ionic Liquid
Paper ID : 1240-ICNS
Babak Karimi1, Maryam Faraji *2, Fariborz Mansouri3
1Department of Chemistry, IASBS
2Department of chemistry, Institute for advanced studies in basic sciences. Zanjan, Iran
3depatment of chemistry, organic chemistry, IASBS,
A new magnetic ionic network nanomaterial (MINN) comprising core-shell magnetic nanoparticles as a support and immobilized imidazolium ionic liquid linkers was prepared via a two-step microemulsion and radical polymerization method. The material demonstrated a combination of interesting features such as three-dimensional network structure, high thermal decomposition temperature, good surface area, high ionic density, high organic content and flexibility, excellent dispersibility and easy separation from the reaction medium using external magnet. In continuation of this work, herein we prepared another promising nanomaterial in the field of MINN containing core-shell silica coated magnetic nanoparticles as the support portion and an imidazolium based multilayered ionic liquid as the interfacing organic linker. This new nanomaterial comprising a multilayered ionic liquid with capability to immobilize to the surface via multiple sites provided an interesting MINN with three-dimensional network structure, improved thermal stability and extremely high ionic density which might be presented a promising nanocomposite for application in various fields especially in catalysis and separation technologies.
Ionic Liquid, Magnetic Nanoparticle, Network Structure.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)