Stability and Efficiency Improvement in Perovskite Solar Cell by Spectral Conversion
Paper ID : 1196-ICNS
Zahra Hosseini *
Faculty of Advanced Technologies, Shiraz, Iran
This paper studies application of graphene quantum dots (GQDs) as spectral conversion material to improve the stability and light harvesting efficiency of PSC under UV light. With absorption and emission bands in UV and visible region respectively, and simple synthesis of GQDs with high luminescent quantum efficiency (QE), GQD is a suitable candidate as spectral convertor outside the PSC. Here, a simple optical model is used to investigate the effect of parameters such as the concentration of GQDs, luminescent layer thickness, absorption/emission bands of GQD and its luminescent quantum efficiency on the performance of the spectral conversion layer. The calculated results show that application of a spectral conversion layer containing GQDs on PSC causes a remarkable enhancement in IPCE and thereby the short circuit current density (JSC) in 300-400 nm spectral range more than 400%. This strategy is also expected to be very effective in improving the stability of the solar cell by hindering the UV light from entering the PSC.
Perovskite Solar Cell; Graphene Quantum Dot; Spectral Conversion.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)