Slow light self-collimation-based photonic crystal waveguides
Paper ID : 1185-ICNS
Ali Samadian Barough1, Mina Noori *2
1Sahand university
2Department of Electrical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology
In this article, a 2D rod-type hexagonal lattice photonic crystal has been investigated for the aim of achieving slow light in self-collimation-based waveguides. The regarded structure is comprised of high index material of PbTe (nPbTe~6) and is applicable at Mid-IR frequency range. The study has been carried out for different radii of rods and polarizations in various bands. To realize slow light in self-collimation-based waveguides, accurate analysis of band structure and equal frequency contours are required. The outcomes indicate that slow light with group index of ng=8 is achievable in the first band for r=0.25a while possessing all-angle self-collimation characteristic. However, for higher group indices which are achievable in higher bands, the incidence angle is limited. Hence, there is a reverse relation between group index and incidence angle in self-collimation-based waveguides. The study has been conducted by the plane wave expansion and the finite difference time domain analysis. The presented structure is a channel-less waveguide possessing slow light property which can be applicable in integrated buffer lines, optical memories, and sensors.
Slow light, Self-collimation, All-angle, PWE, FDTD.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)