Investigation the effect of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) on the linear optical properties of Gold nanorods in Acid Fusion dye solution
Paper ID : 1184-ICNS
Mohammad Barzan1, Nooshin Sadat Hosseini *2, Ataallah Koohian3
1Department of Photonics and Quantum Technologies, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
2Department of physics, university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
3Department of Physics, university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Abstract: In this paper the linear optical properties of acid fuchsin dye and acid fuchsin dye-doped Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) in the absence and the presence of Gold nanorods were investigated. From the TEM image the average length of GNRs, was measured to be 18.5 nm, and the aspect ratio of the GNRs was calculated about 3.4. Also the average diameter of GNRs is 5.55 nm. Results of the absorption and the photoluminescence spectra measurements show that absorbance and photoluminescence intensity of samples, were enhanced by adding Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) and Gold nanorods in to dye solution. The photoluminescence peak wavelength for both samples with and without Gold nanorods are blue shifted. Enhancement the PL intensity of dye-Gold nanorods with and without Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) exhibits a monotonic behaviour and its value is much more than that of acid fuchsin dye solution. Also, absorption bandwidth (Δ𝜆) of dye is enhanced by addition of both GNRs and PVA.
Keywords: Fuchsin acid, dye, Gold nanorods, Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) (PVA), Photoluminescence.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)