The linear optical properties of acid Fuchsin dye-Gold nanorods mixture at different dye concentrations
Paper ID : 1169-ICNS
Mohammad Barzan1, Nooshin Sadat Hosseini *2, Ataallah Koohian3
1Department of Photonics and Quantum Technologies, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
2Department of physics, university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
3Department of Physics, university of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
The linear optical properties of acid fuchsin dye, at different dye concentrations, in the presence of Gold nanorods were investigated.Linear optical properties of samples were characterized by UV-VIS spectroscopy and PL spectra of the samples were measured by a diode laser at the wavelength of 532 nm as excitation source. Results of the absorption and the photoluminescence spectra measurements show that absorbance and photoluminescence intensity of dye in the presence of Gold nanorods, were enhanced. The photoluminescence peak wavelength of dye without and with Gold nanorods, was red shifted by increasing the dye concentration. This observed shift is clearly caused by the re-absorption effects from the spectral overlapping between the photoluminescence spectrum and low energy tail of absorption band. Information about linear optical parameters of AF dye-GNRs mixture is extracted from the absorption and PL spectra, is provided a comprehensive view to help the selection of dye concentration for a specific application.
Keywords: Fuchsin acid, dye concentration, Gold nanorods, Photoluminescence.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)