MnMoO4/Nitrogen-Sulfur co-doped activated carbon hetero-structure for fabrication of high a performance supercapacitor
Paper ID : 1162-ICNS
Bahareh Mehrabimatin *
Sharif University of Technology
Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped activated carbon (denoted as NSC) is prepared by a pyrolysis method using thiourea as nitrogen and sulfur source. NSC in combination with Mn and Mo precursors is used for the synthesis of MnMoO4/NSC hetero-structure electrode material on carbon cloth (CC) in supercapacitor fabrication. The as-prepared MnMoO4/NSC/CC in a three-electrode configuration showed a high specific capacitance of 122 F g-1 at a current density of 0.5 A g-1, which displayed a remarkable improvement over the discrete NSC (94 F g-1) and MnMoO4 (19 F g-1). The capacitance retention for MnMoO4/NSC electrode shows a high value of 97% at 2 A g-1 after 3000 cycles. Such remarkable electrochemical behavior of MnMoO4/NSC is attributed to the high conductivity of NSC in electrode material. The obtained results show that, in comparison to other electrodes, the presence of little amounts of N and S elements in the structure of activated carbon can effectively improve the surface wettability of the MnMoO4/NSC electrode in the aqueous electrolyte, which can enhance the capacitive performance of this electrode.
MnMoO4, Nitrogen/sulfur co-doped, Activated carbon, Supercapacitor, Pyrolysis method
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)