synthesis prepartion carbon quantum dot from Echinops persicus plant Extract
Paper ID : 1156-ICNS (R2)
hamideh keshtkar boghmech *1, mohammad ali nasseri2, ali allahrasani3, millad kazemnejadi2
2Chemistry, Science, Birjand, Birjand, Iran
3Chemistry, Science, birjand, birjand, Iran
Quantum dots (QDs) have received much attention due to their extraordinary optical application in medical diagnostics, optoelectronics and in energy storage devices. The most conventional QDs are based on semiconductors that comprise heavy metals whose applications are limited due to toxicity and potential environmental hazard. Of late, researchers are focusing on carbon-based quantum dots, which have recently emerged as a new family of zero-dimensional nanostructured materials. Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) have unique optical, photoluminescence and electrochemical properties. They are environment-friendly with low toxicity as compared to toxic heavy metal quantum dots. Generally, CQDs are derived from chemical precursor materials, but recently researchers have focused their attention on the production of CQDs from waste biomass materials due to the economic and environmental exigency. In this review, recent advances in the synthesis of CQDs from waste biomass materials, functionalization and modulation of CQDs and their potential application of bio-sensing are focused. In this study carbon quantum dots were synthesized for the first time from aqueous extract of Echinops persicus. The extraordinary properties of the synthesized particles include easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly synthesis. In order to optimize the carbon quantum dot synthesis conditions, two effective factors for the plant extract- mediated preparation of CQDs were screened including temperature and concentration of the plant extract. Characterized by UV–Vis, FTIR and TEM methods.
Carbon quantum dot, Echinops persicus, Optimiz
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures