Green Synthesize ZnO Nanoparticles for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Paper ID : 1147-ICNS
Tahmineh Jalali *1, Shahryar Osfouri2, fatemeh ghanavati3
1Department of physics, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, 7516913817, Iran
2Persian Gulf University 1 Department of chemical engineering
3Persian Gulf University 1 Department of Physics
The nanoparticles were synthesized by green synthesize method and the resulting powder morphology was analysed by XRD, FTIR and SEM. The results revealed that the net hexagonal crystal structure with a crystal size of 38 nm was achieved and the nanoparticle synthesis is of good purity and its dimensions are suitable for fabricating DSSCs for photovoltaics. Green synthesis approach is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, biocompatible, clean, safe and green technique. Nanoparticles exhibit improved properties and these properties are derived due to the variation in specific characteristics such as size, distribution and morphology of them. Then, the Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) was fabricated by Dr. Blade's method by using N719 dye and finally the voltage-current characteristic cure was extracted. The current and voltage obtained are also in good agreement with the commercial paste. DSSC fabricated with ZnO photoanode achieved a solar-to-electricity conversion efficiency of ∼0.72% with short circuit current (JSC) of 6.4 mA/cm2, open circuit voltage (VOC) of 0.517V and fill factor (FF) of 0.1737.
Green synthesize, Solar cell, Zno nanoparticle
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)