Optical Properties and Synthesis of Low-Dimensional ZnO Nanostructures
Paper ID : 1139-ICNS
parisa fallahazad *1, nima naderi2, mahsa sharifi3, Mohamad Javad Eshraghi1
1semiconductor,Materials and Energy Research Center,Karaj,Iran
2semiconductor,Materials and Energy Research Center
3Material and Energy Research Center , Tehran , Iran
In this study was deposited low-dimensional ZnO nanostructures on Silicon (100) substrates by chemical bath deposition (CBD). The effect low-dimensional ZnO nanostructure on the silicon has examined. This structure can enhance the optical absorption of substrates by increasing surface area and capturing of the incident light. And also the low-dimensional ZnO nanostructures are used for the antireflection layer in a different device. The morphology of low-dimensional ZnO nanostructures was obtained using a Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) that showed they are uniform, highly dense and covered the entire surface, therefore this structure can enhance light absorption. The optical properties were investigated by photoluminescence (PL) and reflectance spectrometry. The average reflectance of the low-dimensional ZnO nanostructures on Silicon is ~18.69% in the wavelength range of 300–750 nm. Moreover, the average values of light reflection for the low-dimensional ZnO nanostructures on Silicon was lower than ZnO thin film on the silicon substrate.
Antireflection, ZnO nanostructure, Chemical bath deposition
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)