Nano-fabrication of individual nano- devise using mechanical bottom-up nano-assembling by the smallest and fastest in the World shape memory alloy nanogripper
Paper ID : 1125-ICNS
Svetlana Vjachslavovna von Gratowski *
Kotel’nikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics Russian Academy of Sciences. Fryazino Branch,
Recently many nano-sized materials, like nano-particles and nano-structures, especially 1-D nanomaterials such as nanotubes, nanowires (NWs), and 2D materials such as graphene, have been synthesize and actively studied all over the World. Those nano-sized materials have been demonstrating very interesting functional properties. Such properties give the possibility to design of a large number of individual nanodevices based on such nano-objects. Nowadays many investigations show different types proofs of the concept for individual nanoscale devices. Among them are NWs- and nanotubes based nano-sensors, field effect transistors, nanogenerators, NEMS, nanolasers etc. Those nanodevices can be very good functional building blocks for a hierarchical assembly of many types of nanodevices. A hierarchical assembling of nanoscale/mesoscale and macroscopic functional devices using nanoscale building blocks have great perspective for design of micro/meso and macro-devices based on alternative mechanical “bottom-up” paradigm. There are 5 main steps during mechanical “bottom-up” nano-manufacturing of nanodevices: 1) to synthesize nanomaterials; 2) to treat surface of the nanoobject; 3) cut the nanomaterials into single components; 4) to design from those parts or components single nanodevices; 5) to connect (interconnect and unite), individual nanodevices together in micro, -meso-and-macro devices. The steps 4th- 5th are challenge in modern nanotechnology. In the present report the usage of frontier 3D nanomanipulation system based on the smallest and fastest in the World shape memory nanogripper to overcome these difficulties are discussed. This type of nano-manipulation it is suggested to use for nanomanufacturing of nano/micro-devices, using new frontier alternative “bottom-up” mechanical nano-assembly and nanointegration.
Nano-gripper, shape memory alloys, nano assembling, single nano devices, nano manipulation, individual nano-objects
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)