Antireflective properties of graphene on porous silicon subastrate
Paper ID : 1124-ICNS
mahsa sharifi, parisa fallahazad, nima naderi *, Mohamad Javad Eshraghi
Material and Energy Research Center , Tehran , Iran
In this paper, the optical properties of graphene layers on porous silicon was investigated. The porous silicon substrate was performed using HF / C2H5OH solution with an optimum current density of 45 mA/cm2 at 25 min. These structures can improve the optical absorption of silicon substrates by increasing absorption of the incident light. The graphene layers can act as an antireflective layer on the surface of silicon that deposited on the porous structure by using electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method. The results showed that the structure of the PS layer prepared in HF solutions was homogeneous and rGO completely covered the surface of the porous silicon. The effect of graphene as an antireflection layer on a porous silicon substrate was studied in the reflectance spectrum. The average reflectance of the graphene on porous silicon is ~18.69% in the wavelength range of 300–650 nm. The Raman analysis confirmed that rGO layers have been deposited on porous silicon substrates.
Antireflection, Graphene, Porous silicon, Electrophoretic deposition
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures