A CdZnS/TiO2 Nanotube Array Electrode for non-enzymatic glucose sensor
Paper ID : 1110-ICNS
Fatemeh Ostad Esmaeili *, Mahboubeh Tasviri
Faculty of Chemistry and Petroleum Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, 19839-69411, Iran
In this work, a non-enzymatic amperometric glucose sensor based on the CdZnS/TiO2 NTAs has been fabricated. TiO2 NTA was obtained by anodization of Ti foils and CdZnS thin films were deposited on TiO2 NTA by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) method. The morphology of the electrode was examined by the SEM technique and showed highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays with an external diameter of about 145±5 nm, a wall thickness of 36±5 nm and a length of about ~ 5.68 µm. The crystal phase and also the presence of elements in the composition were studied by XRD and EDS techniques, respectively. It was found that the CdZnS thin films were covering the TiO2 NTA uniformly. The modified electrode has a very good photocurrent response with an increase of almost 4 times compared to TiO2 NTAs. This electrode has a high sensitivity of 599.11 µA.mM-1cm-2 with a linear range of 20-257 μM and a detection limit of 0.5 μM glucose at a signal-to-noise ratio of 3.
TiO2 NTA, CdZnS thin film, SILAR method, Glucose, Non-enzymatic sensor.
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures