Effect of magnetic field on impurity states in Gaussian shaped double quantum ring
Paper ID : 1084-ICNS
Vigen AzizAghchegala1, maryam mansoury *2
1Department of physics, Faculty of Basic science, Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran
2Department of physics, Faculty of basic science, Urmia University of Technollogy, Urmia, Iran
An understanding of the nature of impurity states in semiconductor structures is one of the crucial problems in semiconductor physics because impurities can dramatically alter the properties and performance of a quantum device. The investigations of shallow-impurity states in these systems are presented in several works. Many studies related to optical transitions, electronic states and impurity states binding energy have been reported recently the effect of interdiffusion on electronic band structure of the super lattices composed of Gaussian-shaped double quantum rings (GSDQRs) and on the intraband linear and nonlinear absorption spectrum of them is investigated. In this work the effect of magnetic field on and magnetic field on binding energy and photoionization cross section of impurity in GSDQR is studied. The dependence of photoionization cross section on the energy of incident photon for different values of magnetic field induction and impurity center position in the case of parallel and perpendicular polarization of light is investigated.
Keywords: impurity, magnetic field, impurity, magnetic field
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)