Thermal Analysis of Polymer Aerogel as Spacer Layer of Multilayer Nanocomposite Thermal Insulators
Paper ID : 1031-ICNS
Hediyeh Nikpourian, ahmad reza bahramian *
Polymer Engineering Department, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, P.O.Box 14115-143, Tehran, I.R.Iran
In this research, a novel multilayer nanocomposite insulator system is designed and manufactured using novolac aerogel/polyester mat blankets as spacer layers. The novolac aerogel is prepared through the sol-gel polymerization, under a solvent-saturated vapor atmosphere condition, in the presence of the polyester mat. The role of novolac resin concentration in the initial sol and the density of the multilayer aerogel blanket spacer in the nanocomposite insulator system are studied in terms of morphological and thermal properties by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and March method, respectively. The FESEM and FTIR results illustrated that the surface and micro-pores of the polyester mat were completely filled with the novolac aerogel. Furthermore, the thermal results showed that such a system of nano-sized pore structure of organic aerogel blanket with 9 number layers had a very low effective thermal conduction of 3.67×10-5 W/m.K at the room temperature, which makes it a perfect candidate for insulation applications.
Nanocomposite, Multilayer insulator, Novolac aerogel, Sol-gel polymerization
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures