Solvothermal preparation of luminescent carbon nanodots and using for nitrofurantoin detection in pharmaceutical dosage forms
Paper ID : 1025-ICNS (R1)
Baraa Al-hashimi1, Khalid Omer *2, Heshu Rahman1, Kosar Hama Aziz3
13Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, University of Sulaimani, Sulaymaniyah City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
2University of Sulaimani
3Department of Chemistry, University of Sulaimani
Luminescent carbon dots (CDs) are new class of materials that has emerged recently and have gained huge attention due to its excellent properties compared to the traditional semiconductor quantum dots. CDs have many benefits of less toxicity, high chemical and photostability, biocompatibility, tunable fluorescence, facile synthesis routes and uncomplicated surface modifications and functionalization. Here we report preparation of nitrogen doped carbon nanodots using low-cost single step solvothermal method from folic acid and phosphoric acid. The synthesized carbon dots exhibit fluorescence centered around 470 nm. The CDs showed excitation independent photoluminescence behavior indicating passivated surface of the nanodots. The fluorescence of CDs was quenched after addition of nitrofurantoin and a fluorometric assay method was implemented to determine nitrofurantoin in pharmaceutical dosage forms. The linear response for the proposed method was from 5.0 µM to 90 µM with the detection limit being 1.4 µM. To validate the method, the recovery of nitrofurantoin in spiked sample was measured which was 96.6% -103.3%.
Nitrofurantoin, drug-based carbon dots, carbon dots, solvothermal, Quenching
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures