MgO@Zeolite coupled with ultrasound and UVA irradiations for sono-photocatalytic treatment of textile wastewater
Paper ID : 1004-ICNS
Babak Kakavandi *1, kazhal masroor2, Narges Salehi Taleghani1, Donya Khosh Khaze1
1Alborz University of Medical Sciences
2Master student of Environmental Health Engineering, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran , Iran
Dyes are hazardous for aquatic environment and human health, due to their adverse effects on human health such as toxicity, mutagenic, skin irritation and carcinogenic. Therefore, it is necessary to efficiently remove dyes from wastewater, before discharging into the environment. The most principal objective of this research was evaluation of the capability of sono-photocatalytic process over MgO supported by zeolite heterogeneous nano-composite (MgO@Z), as a first study, to treat textile wastewaters. The influence of different experimental factors such as, solution pH, reaction time, catalyst loading, irradiation intensity and ultrasonic power on the system efficiency was studied. A plausible oxidation mechanism was also proposed. The catalytic performance of MgO@Z in degradation of organic matters was improved substantially, in the presence of UVA and US irradiations. Results showed that with decreasing pH from 11 to 3, the removal efficiency increased and the removal rates of COD and TOC were 96.4 and 97.2 % within 210 min reaction. A remarkable synergistic effect was observed between MgO@Z and US and UVA irradiations in degrading pollutants. Under optimum conditions, the mineralization degree of higher than 97 % was obtained at longer reaction times of around 10 h.
Sonocatalysis, MgO/zeolite nano-composite, Textile wastewater, Photocatalytic degradation
Status : Abstract Accepted (Poster Presentation)
8th International Conference on Nanostructures 8th International Conference on Nanostructures